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  • Tesla Auxiliary Battery Replacement

    Tesla Auxiliary Battery Replacement Training

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  • Road Safety

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    • Road Safety - Single - $14.95

    Road Safety In this course you will learn the basic principles of road safety. Course Time - 9:03

  • Jump Starts

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    • Jump Starts - single - $14.95

    Jump Starts The jump start course will review proper techniques in battery service. Course Time - 16:02

  • Fuel Deliveries

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    • Fuel Deliveries - Single - $14.95

    This course offers the necessary information to teach you how to make a fuel delivery on the road.

  • Lock Outs

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    • Lock Outs - Single - $14.95
    Masterclass - Towing and Roadside Assistance

    Lock Outs This course will review best practices for dealing with lock outs. Course Time - 18:22

  • Tire Changes

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    • Tire Changes - Single - $14.95

    Tire Changes. In this course we will review best practices for changing a tire, including safety methods and customer service orientation. Course Time – 15:08

  • Customer Service

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    • Customer Service - Single - $14.95

    Customer Service is vital to any business and will be the focal point of this certification training. Learn how to generate a positive interaction to support the company you work for. Every task in this training begins with customer service. Course time – 07:41