FAQs and Common Errors

How do I get started?

First choose if you want a certificate, or just want to take an individual class.

  1. Roadside Assistance Training (6 Classes – Most Common)
  2. Towing (2 Classes)
  3. Dispatcher (2 Classes)

You may add to your cart the course / certificate you want, then pay for or use a coupon code.

At this point you need to complete your registration and set up your account.

When you are ready to start your classes START HERE

My Employer sent me here

If you have a coupon code, and were sent here by your employer START HERE 

How do I get certified?

Once you have completed all of the lessons and examinations in the certification class (tract), you will be awarded a certificate in a downloadable PDF that you can display at your business. This is available to you in your Student Courses page under “My Courses”.

Looking for your Certificate?

Login to your account and go to the My Courses Page, select the “Completed Courses” tab, and your scores and certificate are available to you.

Other Questions?

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