Certification Standards

The MotorClubTraining.com Certification system is simple. All you need to do is sign up for the course tract you wish to be certified in and pay for the class. Once you are registered as a student, you will need to watch each video segment and complete the exam for each segment. You must pass each exam in the course with 75% or better to receive certification. If you leave the exam once you have started taking the exam, it is an automatic fail, so make sure you have the time and ability to focus on the training while you are using the program. If you fail to pass the test 3 times, you are disqualified from the exam and may need to re-register for the tract.

Once you have completed all of the lessonsĀ and examinations in the certification class (tract), you will be awarded a certificate in a downloadable PDF that you can display at your business. This is available to you in your Student Courses page under “My Courses”.


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